Our Spa Bath is currently out of order due to maintenance issues, which we are aiming to rectify as soon as possible. The Sauna and Steam Room are operating as normal.
Cardiff International Pool and Gym
Olympian Drive, Grangetown Cardiff CF11 0JS
From £35.00 per month
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From £35.00 per month
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  • Leisure Pool

    Splash around for hours and hours in our fully supervised fun pool.

    Complete with 3 flumes, lazy river and unique spacebowl; which is guaranteed to get you in a spin!

    Plus we have a great 'beach' area with toddler play structure for the little ones! A visit to our fantastic facility will provide moments of excitement that make your visit one to remember!

    We're so much more than just a pool!


    Visiting the Leisure Pool


    All Leisure Pool sessions MUST be pre-booked prior to arrival, to make your booking please click here  

    (Please note all bookings are NON REFUNDABLE, all changes to bookings must be made at least 7 days prior to the booking date)

    IMPORTANT: If you are a non-member you do not need to input a Member/Registration Number during the booking process; please leave this box blank


    What do I need to do before I arrive?

    All pool sessions must be pre-booked before arriving.


    What do I need to do when I arrive?

    Customers will be required to arrive 'beach ready' and arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to their booking slot. 

    Our Changing Village will be available for customer use; whilst adhering to covid safe cleaning measures.

    Lockers will be available to store customers' belongings; please avoid bringing any valuables with you during your visit (Please bring a £1 coin or trolley token to access the lockers).

    How long do I have in the water?

    Each session is 55 minutes.


    What will happen after the session ends?

    We ask that all customers vacate the water when instructed by our lifeguards. 

    You will then have 20 minutes from the time your session ends to when you need to vacate the Changing Village.  (This is to allow us time to clean the area before the next session starts).


    How will social distancing be controlled?

    The maximum capacity of each pool has been calculated based on 6m2 per bather which has effectively reduced the capacity of each pool by 50%.

    As a further control in the first instance, and to manage the unpredictable flow of customers between pools, the combined bather load of the pools has also been reduced by a further 25%.


    Swim Ratios

    Despite the changes to our processes and procedures our swim ratios still apply:

    0-3 years - 1 adult to 1 child

    4-7 years - 1 adult to 2 children

    8 + years - Unaccompanied

    A Parent or responsible adult is defined as +16 years, they must be in the water with the children, they must maintain a constant watch over them and be in close contact with those of the children who are weak or non-swimmers.

    It is strongly recommended that weak and non-swimming children wear an approved flotation device


    Flumes and Space Bowl Height Restrictions:

    1.1 Metres for Red, Orange and Yellow flumes

    1.3 Metres for the Space Bowl (Space Bowl users must be able to swim unaided; on exit water is 2.5M deep)



    We hope you have a pleasant visit, and look forward to welcoming you to Cardiff International Pool & Gym. 

    We’re so much more than just a pool.

  • 50m International Pool

    We're proud to boast our fantastic 50m International Swimming Pool, which can be utilised to offer a range of activities and services to our members and the public. Our impressive pool, can be showcased at full 50m; giving our customers the unique experience of swimming 50m lanes, or we can transform the pool into 3 x 25m tanks, allowing us to utilise it to it's full potential!
    We're extremely proud of our ASA accredited swimming lessons, that we offer from age 4 months through to Adult Lessons; we have something for everyone and for all abilities!
    We also offer a Swimming Membership for our regular swimmers to ensure that they get best value for money! Our membership not only includes our International Pool, Leisure Pool and Health Suite, but also access to the Swimming Pools and Health Suites at our partner sites in the Vale of Glamorgan.


    Click here for more information on our membership packages!

  • Gym

    If you're looking for a spacious Gym, with friendly staff and a wide range of equipment then look no further; Cardiff International Pool & Gym have you covered!

    Whether you're a complete beginner to exercise or an experienced gym goer, our Gym can facilitate everyone's needs!

    All our staff are fully qualified gym instructors, who are on hand to assist and advise throughout the duration of your visit.

    We highly reccommend our Gym Membership package to anyone utilising our facilities; the package includes unlimited access to our 70+ station Gym, over 80+ Instructor led Fitness, Unique Virtual Classes, 50m International Pool, Leisure Pool with slides and features as well as access to our Health Suite with sauna, steam room and spa bath. Head over to the membership page for more information: https://www.leisurecentre.com/cardiff-international-pool-and-gym/membership

    PLUS we provide all new members with a complimentary Gym Programme to ensure we support you on achieving your fitness goals, and we will review and update every 6 weeks completely free of charge!

    We also have a number of Personal Trainers on site who can also offer their 1:1 services for anyone who requires additional support and motivation!

    With everything under one roof; you have no reason to consider joining any other Gym - We're so much more than just a pool!


  • Group Exercise Studio

    If you’re coming alone or with friends, our group fitness studio is the perfect place for a fitness class! Our programme includes a variety of classes such as Circuits, Yoga, Kettlebells and Pilates  as well as some Les Mills favourites; Body Pump, Body Combat, Body Balance and Body Attack! With a wide variety of classes, we are sure that you will find a class to suit your fitness goals!

    Our friendly and welcoming instructors are there to make sure you get the most out of your workout and have as much fun as possible in doing so! We can guarantee you’ll work hard in our sessions, but you’ll feel great afterwards!

    PLUS we offer Les Mills Virtual classes throughout the week, virtual workouts combine world-leading fitness programs with pumping sound and motivation from some of the best  instructors on the planet. It's a truly inspiring experience that drives amazing results.

    Don’t forget, when you sign up to become a gym member with us; all fitness classes are included!


    Take a look at our Class Descriptions

    Body Attack - The high-energy fitness class with moves that cater for total beginners to total addicts and gets you fit for the sport of life.

    Body Balance - A dynamic, fitness - music programme incorporating Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates that combines controlled breathing, concentration and a carefully structured series of stretches, moves and poses that builds flexibility and strength and leaves you feeling relaxed and renewed.

    Body Combat - A 60 minute pre-choreographed class that combines energetic moves and stances developed from a range of self-defence disciplines including Karate, Kick Boxing, Tai Chi and Tae Kwondo.

    Body Pump - Uses specifically designed barbell system and incorporates weights into a pre-choreographed workout set to high intensity music and is designed to improve muscle definition and strength while raising the heart rate for rapid fat burning.

    Boxfit - A high intensity circuit with a twist of padwork and shadow boxing. Perfect for letting out any stress - the best way to kickstart your week whilst improving overall cardio and conditioning.

    Functional Fit - A classification of training that prepares the body for real-life movements and activities. This class has been adapted to challenge the body’s movements and burn some serious calories.

    Ladies that lift - A class for both the first time and experienced female lifters. Weight training using primary compound movements and corrective techniques for fierce female fitness - Who run the World!?

    MMA Fit - A padwork conditioning class utilising kicks, punches, knee strikes and elbows. Designed for people who want to seriously up their cardio, de-stress, lean up and build muscular endurance.

    Pilates - A challenging and refreshing mind-body workout, focusing on improving core stability and posture. Pilates aims to increase flexibility, agility and strengthen muscles.

    Prehab - This class focuses building up strength and stability around vulnerable areas whilst improving mobility, balance and joint function to decrease the potential of injury.

    Sculpt - A functional fitness class aimed to strengthen your body and enhance its conditioning. This workout is designed to help define your body, develop your endurance and help you get the body you desire! All abilities are welcome!

    Spin - This indoor cycling programme develops cardio capacity and incorporates a variety of intensities by changing gears, sprinting and standing on pedals, working at your own pace to a variety of upbeat music.

    Yoga - A mixture of stretches, poses and postures that aim to increase range of motion, facilitate relaxation and release tension through focusing on posture, alignment and breathing. This class caters for complete beginners to a more advanced level of yoga.

  • Group Cycle Studio

    Having gained enormous momentum in recent years, cycling is the fitness activity sweeping through the UK.

    With our very own dedicated Cycle Studio available offering a range of Spin and Les Mills RPM Classes throughout the week; we guarantee you will get a fantastic workout in our classes!

    As well as offering a range of instructor led sessions throughout the week, we also offer Les Mills Virtual RPM sessions. Our virtual sessions are very popular and give the user the opportunity of taking part in sessions at their convenience throughout the day!




  • Functional Training Studio

    Our NEW Functional Training Studio is fantatsic addition to our fitness offer at Cardiff International Pool & Gym.

    Queenax is a unique super functional training system designed to give you an amazing workout focusing on strength, core, flexibility and increasing cardio fitness utilising a variety of attachments and equipment designed to take your body out of its comfort zone for the ultimate workout experience!

  • Health Suite

    Revitalise yourself in our relaxing Health Suite.

    Whether you’re looking to chill out after a tough gym session, or simply looking to unwind after a hard day’s work, choose from our sauna, steam and spa bath (or all three) to soothe aching muscles and relax. You will leave our spa facilities feeling invigorated and healthy!

    What's even better; our Health Suite is included in both our Swim Membership and Gym Membership packages! Bliss...

    All Health Suite Sessions are bookable via our App and website; please click here to secure your booking. Please note; that the health suite is only available to members only at this time.

    Health Suite Rules & Contraindications

    Before you use the Sauna or Steam Room


    There are some people for whom using a Sauna & Steam Room would be unsafe, here is our guidance.  If in doubt check with your doctor before Sauna/Steam bathing.


    Medical Conditions

    If you have a heart condition, high or low blood pressure, or respiratory condition, an illness causing an inability to perspire or any other medical condition which may affect your reaction to heat and or are taking medication for any of the conditions below:

    - Are susceptible to migraines- saunas can trigger these.

    - Diabetics: People with diabetes (particularly if you have a peripheral neuropathy with reduced sensation in your feet). Steam rooms directly affect insulin sensitivity.  Thus, people with diabetes who inject insulin may find that it is absorbed more quickly than normal and this may lead to hypoglycaemia.

    Groups at Risk

    - Children: Children under the age of 16 are not permitted to use the Sauna or steam room at any time.  The body temperature of young children will rise much quicker than that of adults owing to their underdeveloped thermo-regulatory mechanisms.

    - The Elderly: As the body becomes older , it becomes less effective  at dealing  with cardiovascular stress associated with excess temperature.  Consequently elderly people should modify their bathing regime to ensure that they are not overstressed.

    - Pregnant Women: Pregnant women are advised not to use saunas or similar heat treatments or should seek medical advice before doing so.

    - Vulnerable Adults: We encourage use of our facilities by as many people s possible.  Where vulnerable adults are attending our facilities with a carer, the carer MUST maintain constant supervision.


    Physical Condition

    Do not use the Sauna or Steam room if you:

    - Have had a heavy meal within one and a half hours

    - Are under the influence of drink and drugs

    - Have recently exercised.  Time should be allowed to enable body temperature to return to normal levels 

    Safe use of the Sauna and Steam Room

    For your Awareness

    - The Sauna temperature is pre-set and operates at 85-100c

    - The Steam Room operates at 40-50c and 80-100% Humidity

    - Make sure the temperature is comfortable for you by varying your position in the Sauna.

    - The higher benches are the hottest, the lower benches are cooler

    - Contact lenses will dry out and glasses will become very hot and hence should not be worn in the sauna or steam room

    - Do not, under any circumstances, add water to the sauna heater or element.

    - Plastic drinks bottles may be taken in for hydration. Please take your bottle with you when you exit.

    How to use the Sauna and Steam Room Safely

    During bathing always drink plenty of water to replace the fluids lost during perspiration, but avoid alcohol. 

    If it at any time any feelings of illness are experienced, leave the sauna or steam room immediately and consult with staff or seek medical advice if necessary

    A typical sauna or steam room experience:

    - When changing remove any metal items such as watches or jewellery as they can become very hot

    - Have a warm shower to remove any perspiration or deodorants and to moisten the skin.

    - Take a towel, to sit or lie on, for hygiene reasons

    - Sit or lie on a bench at a height where the heat is comfortable for you

    - When the heat becomes too uncomfortable, leave the sauna/steam room and cool down, either gradually by sitting in a room outside the sauna or take a cold shower

    - When you have cooled you may return to the sauna/steam room

    - The hot/cold cycle can be repeated as often as comfort allows. However, bathing for too long may result in nausea, dizziness or fainting, so don’t overstress yourself

    - When finished, cool off for the final time, until your body temperature has returned to near normal.


    Religious Requirements


    Some users may wish to wear their own clothing in the sauna or steam room for religious reasons.  We respect and will accommodate this requirement as far as practicable.  The same principles apply as for swimwear.  Our policy is that specially designed swimwear can be used in the sauna, steam and pool areas.


    Before you use the Spa

    Be aware that:

    - Operating temperature can be up to 40c

    - Some swimwear may fade after immersion




    - Slippery surfaces surrounding the spa pool

    - Heat/Humidity can result in giddiness, fainting or unconsciousness

    - Infection from contamination of the water

    - Drowning

    - Allergy to chemicals used in the disinfection process



    - Try not to use when alone

  • Swimming Lessons (children)

    We're extremely proud to promote our fantastic Swimming Lesson Programme, which are available for children of all ages and abilities.

    Our programme is run in conjunction with Swim Wales' Learn to Swim framework, which promotes the ability to allow all children to swim irrespective of differencial factors and circumstances!

    Our sessions are available from 4 months old:

    • Bubbles (Parent and Baby/Child)
    • Splash 1 - 2 (Pre-School)
    • Waves 1 - 7 (Foundation Swimming)
    • Waves 8 - 10 (Advanced Swimming)
    • Crash Courses (Available during the school holidays)

    We offer Group, 1:1 and 1:3 sessions throughout the week.

    PLUS, all children on our swimming programme receive FREE swimming within our facility*

    For more information or to book your child on to our programme contact the team today on 02920 729090 

    *T&Cs apply, FREE swimming  is availableMonday to Friday, Term-time only.

  • Swimming Lessons (Adults)

    Here at Cardiff International Pool & Gym we understand the importance of swimming; not only as a life skill but also the health benefits that swimming brings.

    We therefore want to ensure that being able to swim isn't aimed just at children; the ability to swim is just as important as adult!

    With this in mind we are excited to launch our new Adult Swimming Lesson Membership! 

    Our lessons cater for complete beginners who need to learn the basics on how to swim, through to competent swimmers who would like to improve their performance/technique; we have something for everyone!

    Whats included:

    • 1 hour per week in our group Swimming Lessons with one of our Swimming Instructors
    • Access to our 50m International Pool
    • Access to our Leisure Pool complete with flumes, spacebowl and lazy river
    • Access to our Health Suite with sauna, steam room and spa bath

    For a limited time only we are offering this package for only £30.00 per month!

    For more information or to book your space please contact the centre on 02920 729090 or email benjamin.hayward@legacyleisure.org.uk

    It's never too late to learn!

  • Spectator Seating

    We have excellent facilities to view all of the events in our swimming pool!

    With the opportunity to be a spectator to swimming galas, events and swimming lessons we’re sure you won’t be disappointed with the view!

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