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B Active Discount Card

Brough Park Gym

If you are 17 years old or more, you can benefit from reduced prices on a range of activities at Willesden Sports Centre.

This includes:

  • swimming
  • sports and activities
  • casual gym sessions
  • group exercise classes
Where to find us



You can apply for a concessionary card if you:

  • get housing benefit
  • are on income support
  • get jobseekers allowance
  • get council tax benefit
  • are a full time student aged 17 and over
  • are a student nurse.

You can apply for the 60 plus and disabled card if you:

  • are a senior citizen 60 years old and over
  • are registered as being disabled.

How to apply

Please come into the centre with 1 form of ID. The below options are available: 

  • photo ID
  • recent proof of residency
  • a benefit letter, or
  • a pension letter, or
  • a freedom pass, or
  • an NUS card or
  • a confirmation of student status letter, or
  • an income support letter or
  • a certificate of registration for disabled people
Get Started
  • Access to 110 station gym
  • 25m swimming pool 
  • Over 65 classes per week
  • Indoor and outdoor track facilities