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UPDATED: 25 September 
When will the Penarth Leisure Centre Swimming Lessons relocate to Cardiff International Pool?

Penarth Leisure Centre Swimming Lessons will relocate to Cardiff International Pool week commencing Monday 30 October. They will run at Cardiff International Pool whilst the refurbishment works take place. You will be notified once the works have been completed including a date when the programme will resume at Penarth Leisure Centre (tbc).

Whilst the Penarth Leisure Centre Swim Lessons take place at Cardiff International Pool, can I book my lessons online for Penarth Leisure Centre?

Yes - all online joining for Penarth Leisure Centre Learn to Swim can be accessed by clicking here.

How frequent are the lessons?

Your lesson will take place weekly on your selected day and time. We operate 50 weeks per year, we have a break for two weeks over the Christmas and New Year period, this will take place from Tuesday 19 Dec to Monday 1st Jan inclusive - returning Tuesday 2 Jan 2024. Lessons will run on bank holidays and during half-term holidays.

How do I access the facility?

Cardiff International Pool is located in the International Sports Village on Olympian Drive, Grangetown, Cardiff, CF11 0JS. 

FREE parking is available in the designated parking areas. Then make your way to the main entrance.

What can I expect from the first lesson at Cardiff International Pool?

Please arrive for your lessons around 10 minutes prior to your start time (in week 1) and 5 minutes prior thereafter. 

You will be welcomed by the team at the designated reception desk on the right hand side as you walk in through the main entrance. 

You can gain access to the changing room via the gate. Outdoor shoes should not be worn in changing areas, please remove them before entering the changing village. 

Once your little one is changed, following the signs for Penarth Leisure Centre Swimming Lessons, they’ll then hop onto poolside where they’ll be met by their teacher to start their lesson. 

You can then collect your child from their teacher at the collection point at the end of the lesson. 

For baby/preschool/adult swimming please proceed to poolside,  just before the start time of your lesson, and your teacher will meet you on the poolside! 

For baby/preschool swimming one adult will be in the water and other family and friends are welcome to come and watch from the designated spectator areas.

I am an existing Swim School Member, will the same Teacher be teaching my child whilst the programme operates out of Cardiff International Pool?

Yes - we will endeavour to have the same teacher delivering your child's lessons whilst they operate out of Cardiff International Pool.

What should I bring to my baby/preschool swim lesson?

Here’s a quick checklist of all the essentials:  

  • Swimwear for your little one
  • Double wrap nappy system for baby swim (disposable swim nappy plus neoprene nappy on top)
  • Towel
  • Cardiff International Pool lockers work off £1 coins or locker tokens (which can be purchased from reception). These will be returned to you after use.
  • Shower gel and shampoo

What should I bring to lessons for my child who is aged 3+?

Here’s a quick checklist of all the essentials:

  • Swimwear for your little one
  • Swim hat (will be provided at your first lesson)
  • Goggles (optional)
  • A towel
  • Shower gel and shampoo
  • A hair bobble to tie back long hair
  • Cardiff International Pool lockers work off £1 coins or locker tokens (which can be purchased from reception). These will be returned to you after use.

Does my child have to wear a swim hat?

We use the coloured swim hats to identify which level/wave your child is in. It also maintains high standards of cleanliness in our Legacy Leisure pools. Your child will receive a swim hat specific to their level/wave to be worn at every lesson. If there is a reason why your little one can’t wear a hat, this isn’t a problem just let our team or your swim teacher know.

Will I still be able to access the Home Portal to view my child’s progress?

Yes - you will be able to log in as usual to view your child's progress as usual by logging in here

What do I do when my child is ready to move up an ability level/wave?

Once notified by the teacher that your child is ready to move up, you will be able to log in as usual to Home Portal and move your child to the next appropriate class by logging in here.

Will my child receive certificates and badges?

Here at Legacy Leisure our top priority is to celebrate all our swimmers’ achievements and milestones. We do this through Swim Wales certificates, badges which can be purchased from reception. Our ‘swimmer of the week’ award allows one swimmer from each class to be celebrated for different reasons such as progress, overcoming their fears, being kind to others or helping their swim teacher. Don’t forget to capture your child’s milestones with a picture at our selfie frame (located just outside the changing village) which you can share with via your social media - don't forget to tag us in #LegacyLeisureSwimSchool #SwimWales #NofioCymru #YMALEN #theskillthatsaveslives

As a result of the relocation of Penarth Leisure Centre Swimming Lessons to Cardiff International Pool , what happens if my child can no longer attend their swimming lessons during this period?

We understand these circumstances/arrangements may not suit you. We always do whatever we can to keep your swimmer enjoying their lessons. If you are unable to attend the lessons at Cardiff International Pool  then please contact us and a member of our team will be able to help/advise you. 

Thank you 

I hope this gives you an overview of the plans so far. 

I’d like to thank you in advance for your understanding while these improvements are made. I’m sure you’ll agree these upgrade works will be a great benefit to our community. 

Should you have any queries or questions please speak to the team locally and we will do our best to help.

Nic Beggs and the team,
Penarth Leisure Centre

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