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What Improvements have been made already?

We are pleased to say we have now finished a complete re-surface of our Sports Hall and it looks great. We have also completely refurbished our 1st Floor toilets to a very high standard.

What is happening and when?

In partnership with the Vale of Glamorgan Council, we are continuing our improvement work by upgrading toilets on the ground floor, the air handling units across the Swimming Pool and poolside changing facilities, plus upgrades are also planned for the Swimming Pool changing area. We are hoping the work will commence on 27 July for a period of 8 days.

What is out of use?

Only the Swimming Pool is out of use from Saturday 27 July to Sunday 4 August. All other facilities remain open as usual. When we start the upgrades to the pool changing facilities, we will update you further.

What happens when the Pool is out of action from 27 July - 4 August?

Swimming at Llantwit this week will not be possible, you can however visit any of our other sites which have pools (Barry and Penarth). If you are a member, this is already included in your membership and you can book by changing the site on your App or just ring the Centre teams and they will assist.

What is happening with my Swimming lessons during the closure?

We are sorry for any inconvenience but to ensure you are offered an alternative, we are going to give you a credit.  You can use this to book another session at Llantwit on a different week or we will be adding to our Barry swim programme, additional sessions during the pool closure week, so you can book there instead. Please call us on 01446 403 000 or see our reception team for support with this.

When will the newly refurbished toilets reopen?

We are hoping the contractors will be fully completed by the end of July.

Are you upgrading the poolside changing facilities?

Yes, but we must first finish the toilets and climate control project. We can then update you around the impact of this work and the upgrades you can expect to see.