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Lead a happier, healthier life with our Good Boost courses at Dereham Leisure Centre. These sessions will provide you with the information and exercises to help reduce your muscular and joint pain, improving your physical and mental health, enhancing the quality of your life. 


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Good Boost provides a flexible approach to supporting you with your muscle or joint pain through gentle aqua and land based exercise rehabilitation classes.

Using information provided about your unique muscle or joint condition, sessions are individually tailored to allow you to progress through your exercises at your own pace and have been built by experts in order to reduce pain and improve your strength and mobility.

The sessions last between 30-60 minutes (site dependant) and consist of a 10-minute warm up followed by a series of 3-4 minute individual exercises, with fun group activities in-between in order to maintain a comfortable body temperature. Both group and individual sessions are available (please check at your leisure facility).

You will be given your own easy-to-use waterproof computer tablet during the session which will display your personalised exercises with clear animated diagrams. Your Good Boost facilitator will be in and around the pool throughout the session to support and guide you.

You can download information about Good Boost classes here.



If you would like to attend our Good Boost classes, please take 5-minutes to complete your self referral form here. Your GP or healthcare practitioner can also refer you into the Good Boost courses. Once the referral has been received, the centre will contact you directly.

To read more about our MSK scheme, click here



Get involved by getting in touch with the centre below or calling 01362 693419