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Swimming Lessons In Bingham

Learning to swim is a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle or learn a new life skill. Our swimming lessons make sure that all of our students can swim safely and confidently. We're proud to partner with Swim England to teach their Learn To Swim programme. Scroll down to find out more, or get in touch with any questions.


Make sure that your child arrives “pool ready”. This means coming with their costume or trunks underneath their comfy clothes or towel robe. Make sure you take all your child's personal belongings with you or use a locker which accepts 50p (this is refundable) please wipe the locker down before and after use. If your child is in our duckling classes, you will need to come “pool ready” too as you’ll need to be in the pool with your child. This will be a great opportunity to learn how to support and develop your child's skills in and outside of the class

We’ll have a one way system around the pool areas so make sure that you follow our directional signage. Each stage will be clearly signposted so your child will know where to stand before their lessons. Please make sure that they know to use the markers to stay socially distanced in their lesson.

If your child is 8+ you'll need to wait outside of the facilities, such as outside or in your car, but please don’t leave the facilities. For those with younger swimmers, you may need to wait in the designated area which is the main pool viewing area, please make sure you sit on the chair on the 'x' and you don't move the chair, viewing is not allowed in the small pool viewing area as this is part of our one way system. 


At the end of your lesson you’ll need to collect your child from the “pick up point”. So that we can make room for the next swimmers please make sure that you collect your child promptly ensuring that you collect all of your belongings.



Children's Swimming Lessons

Prices start from: £25.00 per month.

For school-aged children. Our children's swimming lessons are split into multiple stages. Each stage rewards young swimmers for developing their skills, helping them become confident in the water. To make sure your child is booked onto the appropriate swimming lesson, please read about each of the different stages. Click 'find out more' below for details.

Adult Swimming Lessons

Prices start from: £25.00 per month.

Our adult swimming lessons cater for all abilities. So whether you want to build confidence in the water, refine your technique or improve your stamina, get in touch!

Baby, Toddler and Preschool lessons

Prices start from: £25.00 per month.

We run lessons for babies, toddlers and pre-school children from 3 months to 4 years old. Our baby swim classes are ideal for giving young children confidence in the water.

Crash Courses

Our week-long intensive swimming courses follow our approved swim programme. As well as separate stroke-specific sessions following the four fundamental strokes. Staged crash courses are an excellent way for children to get extra help to pass their current stage faster. Crash courses run throughout all half terms periods except Christmas.


Never miss a moment of your child's swimming journey. Our Home Portal let's you track their progress online. You can see the outcomes for each stage and get notifications when your child achieves an award.

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Bingham Leisure Centre

The Banks, Bingham, Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG13 8BL
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