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80 Station Gym


25 Metre Swimming Pool

13 Metre Swimming Pool

Group Exercise Studios

Indoor Cycling Studio with Virtual Offering

Changing Rooms

Jubilee Hall




80 Station Gym

With state of the art equipment and enthusiastic staff on hand to help you, Bingham Arena will be the perfect place to get fit! On the gym floor, we're introducing a range of cardiovascular and resistance stations, as well as a purpose built functional grab and go area, stretch and free weights areas, all fully air conditioned to keep you cool during your workout.

You can pay separately each time you go, or for a great deal, you can sign up to our Health and Fitness membership and gain exclusive benefits. Some of which include; a free induction with a fully qualified gym instructor, as well as unlimited access to the gym and group fitness classes. We want you to get the very best out of your membership and that's why we offer a personalised plan to help you improve and reach your health and fitness goals, including a 6-week review.



There will be something for everyone in our 25 metre 6 lane swimming pool. Whether it’s our Swim England accredited swimming lesson scheme or just a fun swim there are activities for all. We offer a swim membership for just £25.00 per month for those who want to use the pool regularly and also offer regular casual sessions for any pay as you go customers. With such a fantastic array of offers, sessions and equipment we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

With the opportunity to be a spectator to swimming galas, events and swimming lessons we’re sure you won’t be disappointed with the view.



We’re excited to move our existing scheme at Bingham Leisure Centre over to Bingham Arena, with additional spaces available.

Swimming is an important life skill and our learner pool will provide the perfect teaching environment! Our Swim England accredited swimming programme offers swimming lessons for those of all ages and abilities and will ensure that you and your family can swim well.



If you're planning on coming alone or with friends, our group exercise studio is the perfect place for a group fitness class! Our programme will include classes such as circuits, body combat, pilates and bodypump (to name but a few) and we are sure that you will find a class to suit your fitness goals.

Our friendly and welcoming instructors are there to make sure you get the most out of your workout and have as much fun as possible in doing so! We can guarantee you'll work hard in our sessions, but you'll feel great afterwards! Don't forget, when you sign up to become a member; all fitness classes are included. All our group exercise studios will be fully air conditioned and kitted out with brand new audiovisual equipment.



Our indoor cycling classes will be a fantastic way to get fit, lose weight and build strength (or all of the above!) Equipped with the latest IC6 Indoor Cycle, our expert instructors will motivate you to keep going and help you to reach your goals in our timetabled classes. Can't make it to our instructor-led classes or want to ease your way in?

We'll have Les Mills virtual at Bingham Arena, perfect if you want to sweat, but on your own terms.The IC6 Indoor Cycle utilises a powerful full-color WattRate® TFT computer, self-powered by the bike’s generator, to provide the meaningful connection of exercisers to their workout. This interaction includes data exchange between devices and the Coach By Color® intensity guide.


All changing facilities will cater for all, with a mixture of large family cubicles, baby changing units along with individually enclosed showers and pre showers.



This will be a fantastic new venue to cater for small and intimate occasions, through to bespoke national competitions.

Equipped with a stage, and high tech audio visual equipment, no request will be too big or too small, as the hall has a max capacity of 300, and free onsite parking. If you're interested in hiring the community hall please get in touch via the contact us section.


Coffee& will serve a range of light snacks and refreshments from coffee to croissants! You're welcome to eat in or, for those in a rush; all items are also available to take out. We look forward to opening!


The centre has been designed to have a variety of accessible services to ensure we are accessible to everyone in the community. The centre has the following accessible facilities and services:

  • Automatic entrance doors
  • Lift
  • Full accessible changing a places room 
  • Accessible showers
  • Accessible toilets (Ground Floor and First Floor)
  • Accessible lockers
  • Hearing loop
  • Pool Pod access (I swim)
  • Accessible swimming sessions
  • Accessible parking


Bingham Arena will have a total of 200 bays on site, and parking will be free for upto 3 hours. Vehicle charging points will also be available.

We’ve teamed up with Boditrax and ordered their state-of-the-art body composition and activity tracking platform for Bingham Arena!

FREE to use ... Boditrax will help you understand more about your body, where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and what you can do to improve your health, fitness and general wellbeing. Putting you in control of the future of your fitness.

How Boditrax can help your training
Often when people first come to a gym they have goals to lose weight or build muscle or most likely they just want to be healthier, while these are all great starting points, what does that actually mean or your body?

Well now, with the help of the Boditrax composition and movement tracking scales you can find out and give your workout real focus and get meaningful results.

Broken down into 3 key area you can start to understand your body’s make-up and needs

Here’s your key stats which the machine will begin to benchmark you against, including:

- Age
- Height
- Body Weight
- Ideal body weight
- Impendence (quality of the reading)
- Composition

Now we really get under your skin and see what you’re made of

-Fat percentage and mass
-Muscle percentage and mass
-Water percentage and mass
-Bone percentage and mass

The true story of how you’re currently shaping up

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
Minimum level of calories (energy) your body needs to function effectively. The body uses about 70% of the calories you consume to run all your major organs and functions such as the nervous, respiratory and circulatory making this number quite important.

Basal Metabolic Score
This identifies your body’s ability to burn the fuel you take on board on a daily basis

Muscle Score
Show the amount of muscle in the body

Visceral Fat Rating
Visceral fat is the fat that sits around your vital organs, in your internal abdominal cavity and generally increases with age. Having low VFR is believed to reduce the risk of diseases such as heart disease, blood pressure and the onset of Type 2 Diabetes.

Degree of Obesity
The percentage you are away from your ideal weight, as calculated for your BMI

Metabolic Age
Benchmarking from your BMR, the machine identifies the most common age of person with your stats. If it’s higher than your actual age, increased exercise will build healthy muscle tissue and reduce your age.