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S.K.A - Swaffham Kickboxing Academy

Swaffham Back2Netball

Swaffham Kuk Sool Won

Join in with our Triathlon Club


Join in with our Freediving Club

Swaffham Kickboxing Club is a friendly club suited to a whole range of people wishing to keep fit, learn a form of self-defence or compete in competition.

Beginners are more than welcome, with first time students eased in with the very basic techniques. Students are allowed to progress at a level and pace they feel comfortable with.

Anyone can come to a class to take a look before they participate to get an idea what the training involves.



Weekly club meeting where anyone from the age of 16 can come along and have a game of netball. We play for fun and in friendly league matches. Come along and meet new friends and get back into netball.

Contact the club here.

Kuk Sool Won is a Korean martial art, training in fitness, self defence, stress relief, honour, discipline and respect. It is a great way to lose weight, get fit and meet new friends. Kick Start the new you - Enrol now! First class is free and collect a free suit and belt!

Contact the club here.