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Crash Courses

Why book our Crash Courses?

Staged crash courses are an excellent way for children to get extra help to pass their current stage faster. Our week-long intensive swimming courses follow our Swim England and Swim Wales learn to swim programme for stages / waves 1 - 7 to ensure your kids swim safer, smarter and stronger. They run throughout all half terms periods except Christmas. Rookie Lifeguard, Diving and Deep Water Confidence crash course sessions are also available for those wanting to advance their skills outside of the swim stages.

Crash courses are highly beneficial for several reasons:

  • Intensive Learning: These courses typically involve concentrated, focused instruction over a short period. This can lead to faster skill acquisition.
  • Safety Skills: Children learn essential water safety skills quickly, which is crucial for their well-being around water bodies.
  • Consistency: Daily or frequent lessons in a crash course can help maintain a consistent learning curve, reducing the chances of regression in skills.
  • Overcoming Barriers: For some children, especially those who might be hesitant or anxious about water, an immersive and structured crash course can break down barriers and accelerate their progress.
  • Social Interaction: Children can benefit from interacting with their peers in a group setting, which can add a fun and social dimension to the learning process.


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We're here to help - get in touch and we'll contact you to discuss Crash Courses further, including which stage would be best for your child.


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