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Tai Chi

T'ai Chi

Tay Play Sport

Join in with our Triathlon Club


Join in with our Freediving Club

Taoist Cultural Arts Association The Association is a not for profit social enterprise, and as such our activities, projects and courses are entirely dependant on fund raising and the financial support of our students and sponsors. By joining us you can be assured that you are helping to preserve and promote the traditions of the Lee style Taoist Arts for future generations.

Every penny we collect goes towards developing more resources to enable our students to study the Lee style in greater depth and to pass on the invaluable benefits of this training to others around the world.

Our list of sponsors includes teachers who give the profits from their clubs to the Association, students who support us with regular or one time donations, and members of the public. As well as financial assistance some people have elected to give their free time and skills to help develop particular projects of interest to them.


TayPlay SPORT, established in 2017, is a fast growing and dedicated organisation delivering Fun, Active & Inclusive sport sessions for children aged between 5-11 years of age. ‚ÄčTayPlay SPORT takes pride in providing a different approach to teaching and education. ‚Äč


TayPlay SPORT is:

  • A sports provider for three Councils
  • In partnership with the Brownlee Foundation
  • Ofsted Registered
  • CIMSPA Accredited

T'ai Chi is a gentle form of exercise for health and relaxation, which benefits all ages and abilities. Our new class is starting at Caludon Castle Sports Centre Dance Studio on Thursdays 7.30-9pm.

Beginners are welcome, cost of a class is £8 If you pay for four weeks it is £7 (£28) And if you pay for eight weeks £6 (£48).

For further information, telephone 02476 741277