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Epic Martial Arts

Le Roc

Tae Kwon Do

Join in with our Triathlon Club


Join in with our Pay & Play Badminton Club


Join in with our Freediving Club

Epic Martial Arts provides a martial arts training platform and club environment that installs confidence, discipline, self-expression and both mental and physical strength in each individual.

We provide a second to none club ethos that encourages families to interact and develop together whilst having fun and learning new skills. With current World, European and British Champions amongst our ranks you or your child are not only in safe hands, you have infinite scope to develop your skills to their maximum potential.

Our central aspiration is to always be the South West’s most qualified, most innovative, passionate and inspirational Martial Arts organisation. We achieve this by being one team, genuine in nature and personal in manner. We are always ahead because we cater for the broadest spectrum of people and create a positive, nurturing environment for every individual to grow within at their own pace.

Growth and development are always encouraged through weekly classes, as well as a continued series of events, including a grading programme, seminars, courses, charity challenges and competitions. Our club caters for all and offers class structures to suit a wide range of goals.

Our classes provide all of the health and fitness benefits associated with martial arts training as well as the integral life skills and increased mental capacity that come from the wealth of knowledge and character amongst our dedicated coaching team.

Contact the club here.


Dance Lessons, learn to Modern Jive. So versatile! Can be danced top swing, blues, modern, latin etc.

Bring a partner or come on your own. Keep fit, socialise and have fun!

Thursday Evenings : Beginners 20.00, Intermediate 21.00 and freestyle 21.45.

Contact Diana Bath on 01275 791119 or 07816649077.


Self Defence, Sport and Traditional Martial Art. Classes are on Tuesday and Wednesday and are available for all ages and abililties.

For further information please contact Andy on 01275 343356