Racket Sports
Racket Sport

The beauty of racket sports is that you can receive an individual workout whilst competing against others! These activities will also ensure that your speed, agility and stamina all improve. Needless to say, squash and racketball will provide a plethora of benefits both mental and physical for every player, so why not give it a go?


Badminton is a great activity to increase your overall fitness and it keeps you on your toes so that you improve your speed and hand-eye coordination. It’s a fast paced game developing agility, strength, and intelligence. Of course, badminton is also a social activity, so you can play in single matches and double matches with friends and like-minded people.

Squash and Racketball

Squash and racketball are great indoor racket activities in which you can make new friends and keep fit! Whether you are looking to blow off some steam after work with a social game, or play competitively in a league or ladder, our squash courts have something for you. If you are a beginner please come and give it a go, our team at the centre will be happy to pass any coaching details over to you. We look forward to seeing you on court soon!

Table Tennis

Table tennis is a quick and exciting sport using explosive energy; increasing reaction time, coordination, and balance. The sport is social and engaging, giving you the skills to think clearly and anticipate moves. Table tennis can have huge social benefits, allowing you to bring friends along and make new ones too, making it fun for everyone. There are very few health and safety concerns and due to its light-hearted nature you don’t need much skill to enjoy a game!

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