Promising athletes programme

Supporting athletes across England and Wales to achieve sporting excellence

This programme will support athletes competing at a national or regional level in their designated sport. Our programme is designed to help and support athletes to get to that next step in their sporting achievement by providing free access to much needed training facilities. Membership is open to all sportspeople, including those with disabilities who meet the eligibility criteria when applying. Online applications will be accepted throughout the year.

What's in it for me?

  • If successful, you will have access to free use of the fitness facilities, swimming pool and group exercise. Off Peak Racket sports can also be included if applicable to your application
  • Successful Applicants can only use there designated facility to train
  • Access to member benefits via the App
  • Membership will be for a 12 month period at which point you would need to re-apply and continue to meet the eligibility criteria
  • 5 Guest Passes per year to bring along friends & family

Am I Eligible?

You must complete an online application form and provide current information. This must be backed up by written evidence from your respective National Governing Body on letter headed paper and you must meet one of the criteria below:

  • Member of a national squad and ranked in the top 50 for your sport and age group
  • Member of a Regional Squad competing at regional level in the current year
  • Top 8 finish at Regional or equivalent competition in the last competitive season.

These must be sporting activities and governing bodies recognised by the Sports Councils of Sports England & Sports Wales and include Disability Sports

If you are under 18, you must obtain parental consent to join the programme and anyone under 16 must be supervised by an adult at all time whilst attending the facility (the adult must be a paying customer/member or spectator only which will be free of charge)

You must live within the local authority catchment area or 10 miles of a local Parkwood, Subsidiary Companies and Partners facility

  • Membership will be for a 12-month period at which point you would need to re-apply and continue to meet the eligibility criteria. No more than 2 continuous years of membership will be approved for a single applicant
  • There should be no disruption to other users of the facilities at any time
  • Facilities used by PAP members are to be related to their training programme and cannot be used simply for recreational purposes
  • PAP members will receive a membership card (if applicable) which must be shown on each visit in order to gain free access
  • As a condition of membership, PAP members will be required to support their facility during local events and agree to be part of a case study to showcase the programme (including photo using the facility and benefit of the Programme etc)
  • As a condition of membership, PAP members will be requested to share and post specific Parkwood, Subsidiary Companies and Partners content and good news stories via all social media channels
  • You must complete an online application form and provide current information along with meeting all criteria within the application
  • PAP membership is not transferable to any other person. Failure to comply with these conditions may/will result in members being removed from the programme
  • Applications will be considered and approved monthly
  • You will be sent notification of the outcome within one month of the application being submitted including specific facility terms & conditions and you will be invited to a meet & greet with the facility Centre Manager
  • Any lost membership card will incur a fee of £2.00 for a replacement
  • If you are under 16, any adult accompanying you and wanting to use the facilities must be a paying customer and must pay the fees & charge applicable at the time
  • If you want to bring along a friend or family member then they must pay the fees & charges applicable at the time unless you are using one of the 5 guest passes


Welcome onboard Philip. Or Phil as he likes to be known as. Phil is an Olympian for Great Britain that competes at the highest level of his chosen sport (or event), the 3000m Steeplechase.



David Brown, from Torbay, competes in Duathlons . You may not have heard of the event but it is similar to a Triathlon, except there are two runs and a cycle as opposed to a cycle, run and swim.



Introducing 15 year old Jessie Hurtt! Jessie is an up and coming athlete in Canoe Polo (also known as Kayak Polo) - if you’re not sure what Canoe Polo is, imagine a game of water polo, but the competitors are in kayak’s.



Jason, 45, from Staffordshire is a high performance athlete competing at the very top level in his sport. The sport, however, may not be one that you have heard of.


The “Promising Athletes Programme” has been put in place to support talented athletes living locally to one of our leisure facilities in England and Wales. 


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