Fitness to Exercise Declaration

This declaration is made by me and about me and anyone else on whose behalf I am registering for whom I am responsible during visits to the leisure centre ("I", "my", "myself" equates to "they", "their", "themselves" in such circumstances).

  • I declare that I am fit to exercise and have no medical condition that might interfere with exercising safely.
  • If I have a medical condition which might interfere with exercising safely, I will get and follow the advice from a relevant medical professional before I use the equipment and facilities. I will inform a relevant member of staff of any instruction provided by a medical professional.
  • I will train within my own physical ability and knowledge and will follow the instructions on the fitness equipment. I will not do any exercises which I have been advised are not suitable for me.
  • I will advise the instructor of any medical or physical barriers to exercise and will notify them immediately if I feel ill when using our equipment or facilities. This includes where my ability to be physically active may be a risk to others.
  • I confirm that I will seek advice from the Leisure Centre staff if I am unsure about the safe use of any equipment I intend to use (particularly resistance equipment).
  • I will make myself aware of any rules, instructions and warning notices and follow any instructions given to me by Leisure Centre staff.
  • I will stop training if my medical fitness to exercise changes.
  • If I have a disability, I will follow any reasonable instructions to allow me (or them) to exercise safely.
  • I will treat Leisure Centre property with caution and care, reporting any damage, loss or theft that may arise.

Virtual classes

  • I confirm I am familiar with and competent to use the fitness equipment I intend to use and will comply with the virtual instructor's instructions.


  • If I use the sauna or steam room, I will familiarise myself with the information and guidance displayed on the Safety Guidelines poster in the health suite to ensure the use of the facility is appropriate for me.

Company Declaration*

  • We will provide the facilities and equipment in a safe condition.
  • Our staff will be suitably qualified to provide advice on the safe use of our facilities.
  • We will provide appropriate advice on the use of the facilities and fitness equipment.
  • Unless the user demonstrates competence, we will provide an induction to all users on the safe use of relevant equipment in our fitness studio.
  • When the user advises us of any specific special need/disability, we will endeavour to make reasonable adjustments to accommodate.

* The Company being one of the following; Parkwood Leisure, Parkwood Community Leisure, Lex Leisure or Legacy Leisure, which operates the site to which this declaration refers.