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Importance to returning to swimming lessons

There are several health benefits for children returning to swimming lessons, however health benefits play a secondary role in what swimming lessons actually achieve. The first is the importance of your child learning to swim.

A report conducted by the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA), who are the national governing body for swimming, found that 1.1 million children in Britain are unable to swim the length of a typical swimming pool (25 metres) unaided. To put that into context, that is 51% of children aged 7-11.

The risks associated with children being unable to swim are unsurmounted; drowning is clearly the worst case scenario. Furthemore, as non-swimming children get older and have their own kids, they in turn stand a high chance of being non- swimmers also, in light of the fact their parents will be unable to take them swimming.

It’s also how being unable to swim restricts children’s future life. What’s one thing everyone wants to do when they go on holiday? Jump in a swimming pool. Interests such as sailing, kayaking and synchronized swimming must either be avoided or come with immense risks. And of course, we need to find the next Tom Daley or Rebecca Adlington from somewhere!

Aside from swimming being a necessity in life, the health benefits it can bring for both adults and children are exceptional. It is proven to reduce stress on the body, helps build endurance and cardiovascular fitness. It is also excellent for muscle recovery, building and toning.

Finally, an extra incentive for returning your child to swimming lessons is that it falls in line with their return to education. Several studies have shown that kids that take up swimming from an early age advance academically. Swimming teaches skills such as coordination and multi-tasking, which can be conformed to an academic perspective, to be used as a correlation between swimming and learning.

Aside from everything though, our instructors make the lessons an enjoyable and challenging experience where there is the opportunity for the kids to make lots of new friends.