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Amy's Haven

Biddulph Amateur Swimming Club

Biddulph Netball League

Biddulph Running Club

Congleton Badminton Club

Kung Fu/Kickboxing


Stoke City Multi Sports

Tae Kwon Do

Join in with our Triathlon Club


Join in with our Freediving Club

Why not visit ‘Amy’s Haven’ for Beauty & Complementary Therapy at Biddulph Valley Leisure Centre? Specialising in all beauty treatments including Skin Care, Nail Treatments and a number of various Full Body Massages. For an appointment or further information please call Amy on 07890118165.

Swimming club for both children and adults to develop their swimming technique and fitness. Gives everyone involved the opportunity to swim competitively in galas and open meets, competing against other clubs.


Every Tuesday night, one forty minute game between 7pm and 930pm.

Whether you play regularly or haven’t played since school, everybody is welcome. Age doesn’t matter! Our players range from the age of 16-65!

If you are interested in joining the netball league this September please get in touch!

Teams and individuals are welcome!

For more information contact Biddulph Valley Leisure Centre on 01782 515005 and leave your contact details.

Welcome runners of all abilities (aged 16 and over) and have groupings so that you can find someone that can match your pace.

We meet at the leisure centre on a Monday and Thursday mornings at 10:00am and Tuesday and Thursday evening at 6:30pm for a run around the local area.

For further information contact Christine Andrews on 01782 513376


This club meet on a Sunday 7-9pm. This club plays in the North Staffordshire and the Crewe and District League.

For more information on the club and prices please contact Mrs Doe on 01260 277624/07901657609

Every Thursday Children (under 16) 6-7pm Adults 8-9pm Contact Bob Parkinson on 01782 255711

Energetic and dynamic weekly play session for girls and boys between the ages of 2 and 7. Rugbytots is designed to develop motor skills and build confidence whilst having fun in a team environment.

All classes are led by qualified and fully trained coaches. Visit rugbytots website for class times and online booking.

Contact the club here.


Weekly multi-sports classes provided by Stoke City FC coaches. Involves coaching children fundamental skills in a variety of sports.


This club uses our centre on Thursdays between 6pm-9pm. For more information contact Sam Finch on 01538 388358 or 07530 031 857.