Keeping you safe



We have made every attempt to make your visit as safe as possible.

Installed hand washing and sanitiser points for customer use.

Marked routes around the premises to encourage social distancing.

Fitted protective barrier screens to protect our staff where appropriate.

Put in place arrangements to encourage social distancing in activity areas.

Put in place an intensive ongoing sanitising programme on high contact surfaces.

Reorganised our programme of activities to accommodate social distancing rules.

Not to enter the premises if you believe you may have Covid-19.

Regularly wash or sanitise your hands.

Respect the social distancing rules.

Sanitise equipment and areas when requested to do so.

Help us keep our community safe. Please bring your own exercise mat.

Please bring a full drinks bottle. Our water fountains are not currently available.

We ask that all visitors to the centre wear face coverings whilst in a non exercise area as an extra precaution to protect both you and our staff.

Please be aware that we follow the W.H.O. guidelines, who do not recommend the use of face coverings during physical activity.