A group of 14 Ilkeston Swimming Club swimmers attended a swim camp over 7 days at the Occidental training camp in Lanzarote some for the first time.

With a very busy time frame combined with swimming, land training, gym work, study and swimming analysis to be done on every individual swimmer.
The swimmers swam 32k over the week combined with land and gym work. They all worked really hard to achieve their targets in and out of the pool, some worked hard on the GCSE work in their free time too.
It was a very successful swim camp with no problems from any of the children, I was so proud of them all and have to say it was the best swim camp I have been on and all the children where a credit to myself and Ilkeston Swimming Club on a professional basis. There was laughter and a lot of moments to treasure from the camp with expectations high.It was nice also to get feedback from residents and locals to say that's the best well behaved and polite swimmers they have come across, some who have been there 20 years  and we had a audience every time we trained!
I would also like to say a big thank you to Tina and Victoria who did an amazing job as Team Managers in organising everything at the camp so that it went really smoothly and for all the filming of the swimmers during there stay for GCSE work.
A thank you also goes out to the hotel and staff who looked after us first class during our stay and also to UK Tool Hire for sponsorship of the swimmers uniform for the camp
Finally I hope the swimmers will bring back a lot of experiences and memories back from the swim camp to treasure has much as I have. 
Here's to next year 2020 camp!
Head Coach Richard Tomlinson 

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