Member of the Month

Fred Hansell

Member of the Month

This month we caught up with Fred Ansell who suffered a massive stroke in 2006, and another four years later, resulting in weakness on the left side which affected his balance and walking.  Via our GP Referral Scheme, Fred has successfully worked with one of our highly trained fitness instructors, Carol Webber over the past three years to improve his overall mobility and is now able to walk without a stick while inside.

Fred’s story

“About 12 years ago I had a massive stroke caused by a blood clot. I recovered from that almost fully, but then eight years ago I had another stroke. 

“At this time the consultants decided, much against my will, to put me onto warfarin but because I was also suffering from heart fibrillations (which is my heart speeding up out of control), one evening I suffered a very bad headache. I got home and started vomiting so I called the ambulance service who took me straight to Northampton General Hospital. They did a scan and found out that I was having a cerebral haemorrhage.

“Unfortunately, they couldn't get a neurosurgeon to come out. So what they needed to do was get my blood pressure down or at least the pressure in my brain. It was the pressure of the blood pumping onto the brain that was slowly crushing it and doing the damage. They put me into a coma or whatever, I don't really know, and treated me with drugs that caused the blood to coagulate again to counteract the warfarin in my bloodstream. They got it under control...but unfortunately a lot of damage had been done.

“I don’t have any sight on the left because it damaged the part of the brain that accepts signals, sight signals on the left-hand side. That's what the layman calls 'Left-Side Neglect'. Also of course, it made my left side very weak, so I have difficulty walking and balancing. All the odd things like that.

“The doctor and the consultant decided that the best thing for me to do was to come to the gym at Towcester Leisure Centre. Carol has helped me tremendously over the last 2 or 3 years and it has been the best treatment I've had for my condition. I can now walk without a stick inside and do numerous things I couldn't do before. It's the best treatment I've had. In fact it's doing me more good than anything I've had.

“I find the expertise of the staff here is quite amazing really. Not only are they helpful and friendly but they know what they're doing as well. I look forward to coming here. Even when I don't feel too good, I think, "I'll be alright once I've been to the gym. It's my medicine."




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