Squash 57


Racketball has changed its name to squash 57 as part of a global rebrand by the World Squash Federation, to raise the profile of the sport. The change brings both versions of the game under one recognisable name and also focuses on the key difference to squash – the larger ball (which has a diameter of 57mm).

Played on a squash court, squash 57 is easy to pick up, great fun and provides a good cardio workout. Squash 57 uses a bigger bouncier ball and a bigger racket than squash, meaning players have more time to reach the ball and it’s much easier to hit back. Whatever their level, players can enjoy longer rallies and more action on court.

 Squash 57 provides an easy introduction to squash which makes it ideally suited to beginners as well as helping to extend the playing ‘career’ of squash players by offering a less intense alternative that will keep people on court well into their later years.

“I thought my days on the squash court in my late 40s were over, until I was introduced to squash 57. I would recommend squash 57 for all ages. It is fun, energetic and a great way to meet new people!”


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