Full membership gives you access to the gym, fitness classes, swimming pool and other selected activities within your local contract (facilities may vary)

Full Membership

Online Live Annual ADV Spiceball

Your yearly membership provides multi-site access to Spiceball, Bicester and Kidlington Leisure Centres. Membership includes unlimited use of the gym, a free induction and programmes, over 80 fitness classes, free public swimming, sauna, steam & spa and off peak racket sports.

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Online Expressions Fixed DD Spiceball

Our Fixed membership gives you our best monthly rate and comes with full access to our range of facilities and classes as part of a 12 month contract.Online Expressions 12 month Fixed DD for a minimum 12 months term.

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Online Expressions Flexi DD Spiceball

Our Flexi membership gives you full access to our fantastic range of facilities and classes with the freedom to cancel at any point with just three weeks’ notice (21 days).

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Working In Partnership