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Pool Rules


Our lifeguards’ number one priority here at Sidcup Leisure Centre is our swimmers safety; please 'Read More' to ensure you are up to date with our Swimming Pool Rules.

Poolside Rules

No eating or drinking (with the exception of bottled water)
No glass bottles
No face masks, flippers or snorkels are to be used during general swim sessions
No balls or inflatable’s are to be used during general swim sessions
No jumping/standing on the floats 
No smoking
No fighting, bullying, dunking, pushing or throwing other bathers into the Pool
No diving
No outdoor footwear is permitted in the Changing Village or on Poolside
No spectators are permitted on Poolside (including during swimming lessons) unless authorised by the Duty Manager/Swim Coordinator
All customers must wear suitable and correct swimwear 
Please follow the correct pool supervision ratios at all times 
No mobile phones are permitted in the Changing Village/Poolside
Before using any photographic equipment it’s essential that you obtain prior permission from a Duty Manager. You must complete a photographic agreement form which can be obtained from  Reception and you must carry your copy with you at all times
The Lifeguards’ instructions must always be followed

Health and Safety/Hygiene

Please ensure you shower before entering the Pool
Please ensure you visit the toilet (and encourage your children to do so) before entering the pool 
Children still requiring nappies must wear a recognised swim nappy (these can be purchased at Reception in a range of sizes)
You are SHOULD NOT  use the Swimming Pool if you are suffering from the following:
Open wounds
Ear infections
Any form of contagious rash
Any incident involving contamination of the Pool must be reported to a Lifeguard immediately 

Lane Etiquette

Please use a lane which is suitable for your own swimming pace and follow the appropriate speeds e.g. slow, medium and fast 
Swim in the directions indicated on the lane notice board
Overtake in the middle of the lane only when there is room and it is safe to do so
No more than 12 people are allowed in any one lane at a time
Please swim single file and avoid talking or stopping in inappropriate places

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