Child Swimming Admission Policy

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Parkwood Leisure adopts a child policy in respect of the Swimming Pools at Crook Log Leisure Centre, Erith Leisure Centre and Sidcup Leisure Centre. The current policy requires children under the age of 8 to be accompanied into the water by a responsible adult, on an adult to child ratio of 1:2.

The lead industry body, the Institute of Sport and Recreation (ISRM) published guidance in this matter in 1992, and subsequently reviewed it in 2002. The guidance recommends that pool operators review further their risk assessments with regards to children under the age of 4.

Due to higher risk of drowning to this age group, the guidance suggests that, children under the age of 4 should be accompanied on a 1:1 basis, unless additional safety precautions are taken.

As a result of the ISRM guidance our risk assessment has been reviewed. The revised assessment supports the implementation of a 1:1 ratio for under 4’s. However the use of a suitable buoyancy aid permits the ratio to increase to 1:2.
The safety of the young people is extremely important and Parkwood Community Leisure has carefully considered this child admission policy.

Taking into account the details from ISRM, Parkwood Leisure adopt the following Child Admission Policy:

Children aged 4 to 7 years old must be accompanied into the pool at all times by a responsible adult over 16 years old, on an adult to child ratio of no more than 1:2.

Children under the age of 4 years must be accompanied into the pool by a responsible adult over 16 years old on a ratio of 1:1. However the ratio becomes 1:2 in the event any child under 4 is wearing a suitable buoyancy aid.

Buoyancy aids accepted under this policy are those that fully support the child’s weight in the water and remain secure in and out of the water, e.g. armbands or a float suit. Buoyancy aids that are hand held are not considered appropriate.

Children aged 8 years and above require NO accompanying adult – providing they are a competent swimmer.

The responsible adult must go into the water with the child/children they are accompanying.

Whilst in the pool the responsible adult should maintain a constant watch over the child/children they are accompanying and be in close contact with children who are weak or non-swimmers.

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