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We a delighted to have the NHS Blood & Transplant Team back with us for numerous dates throughout 2019. 
Existing donors will need to book their appointments through the Blood Donor website or an app is available. If you are new to donation and want to do something amazing, simply go to their website and register to become a blood donor.

Dates for 2019:
Wednesday 23 January
Friday 15 February
Tuesday 26 March
Monday 15 April
Thursday 9 May
Monday 24 June
Thursday 18 July
Thursday 08 August
Monday 09 September

More dates may follow later in the year.



"Blood donations throughout England are used for life-saving and life-enhancing operations.

Giving blood is important, yet only 3% of people aged 17 -70 in England and North Wales gave blood in the last year. This year we need 200,000 new donors to replace those who can no longer give blood. 

The demand for blood never stops, so to reach this goal, we need your help."

If you would like to get involved with this please visit the NHS Blood & Transplant website and register to become a donor or give them a quick call on 0300 123 23 23.

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