Car Parking Order

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Update from Rushcliffe Borough Council on the proposed car parking order at Rushcliffe Arena

Why are Rushcliffe Borough Council carrying out a consultation exercise?

Rushcliffe Borough Council is currently updating their parking orders that legally define what and how we can carry out enforcement activities in our car parks. At present, a number of our car parks do have parking orders but some other council-owned car parks do not, such as Rushcliffe Arena. Rushcliffe Borough Council are now carrying out a consultation process on the consolidation of our parking orders as we are legally bound to do so.

What does this mean will happen next?

Rushcliffe Borough Council will wait and see what responses they get and take these into account as we progress with the consolidated parking orders. In reality, we do not expect many comments as the consultation does not mean any changes in current tariffs and usage, but will help us in the future. As an example, at present Rushcliffe Arena does not have a parking order in place meaning we cannot stop or issue penalty notices for those abusing the disabled parking spaces. The new consolidated order will allow us to do this should we consider it necessary.

Will I see any changes to the car parks I currently use?

No, and it is important to understand that we have no plans to change our current charges which work well in encouraging short term parking to encourage visitors to use our town centres

For more information on the car parking orders please visit 

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