Woman Stretching Triathlon

Dechrau Arni

Mae ambell ffordd y gallwch chi ddechrau arni gyda Triathlon yn Pwll Rhyngwladol Caerdydd:

Ffoniwch ni ar  02920 729 090 – Gallwn roi atebion i chi ar gyfer unrhyw un o’ch cwestiynau a’ch cofrestru ar gwrs, neu anfonwch unrhyw ymholiad sydd gennych drwy lenwi’r ffurflen isod

Mae ein tîm ymroddgar yn hapus i helpu a gall roi unrhyw wybodaeth i chi y mae ei hangen arnoch.

Tua Triathlon

Give Tri a try! We have teamed up with Triathlon England to give focus to your fitness. There are plenty of triathlon events to choose from for all abilities. You can master all three activities; cycling, running and swimming, with our motivational instructors sharing with you the best techniques and tips for a triathlon. Whether you are a titled ‘Ironman’ or a complete beginner, there’s a place for you in our triathlon sessions.

Triathlon is varied and exciting, keeping your body in shape with versatile and interchangeable exercises. You will be gaining a full body workout as each activity focuses on different areas of the body. This training is great for improving fitness as you are improving on your body’s ability to get your blood pumping and oxygen moving! Triathlon sessions are social too, with the chance to meet a great group of friends and even enter triathlon events together.

Beth ddylwn i wisgo?

For each exercise there are different requirements. Running and cycling sessions require loose comfortable clothing or sportswear, with suitable footwear like trainers. For cycling sessions you may wish to consider padded shorts for comfort! Swimming requires a swimming costume and a swimming cap, as well as goggles for improved performance. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water to your sessions to ensure you keep hydrated!

Working In Partnership