Sway Dance

Sway Dance

What is Sway Dance?

Bursting into life in 2005 Sway Dance is now recognised as one of the largest providers of children’s dance classes in the UK. Developed and rolled out nationally in 2010 as a Parkwood Leisure Brand, Sway Dance aims to inspire children and adults to get active & enjoy dance through fun, affordable, professionally-delivered dance classes, that are underpinned by Parkwood Leisure’s values of quality, care and excellence.

Our Mission

We believe at Sway that staying active and healthy is for everyone, and we hope to provide an environment that inspires the nation to enjoy the rewards and benefits that staying active through dance brings-  We do this by adhering to our Sway Values to ensure that everyone who experiences Sway feels the passion that we have for having fun through active dance.

As the first leisure operator to offer a dance brand, we are excited to grip the nation with our fantastic and enthusiastic offering!

“Our vision is to inspire all age groups, genders, ethnic backgrounds and abilities to enjoy the many benefits of keeping fit through dance”

Get Active Through Sway Dance

NHS guidelines state that children should achieve a minimum of 60 minutes of moderate to intense activity every day & that adults should be active for at least 150 minutes per week - that’s 3 Sway classes!! Sway Dance provides opportunity for our communities to achieve this with a smile on their face every day. Classes run throughout each day including evenings and weekends at our leisure centres, and can really integrate dance and activity into our everyday lives meaning that you and your family can benefit from the development of:

  • Confidence
  • Self Esteem
  • Friendships
  • Physiological growth
  • Communication skills
  • Co-ordination
  • Stamina

All of which are important life skills that dance can be used as an integral and influential tool to develop.

Sway Genres

Sways offers classes in over 30 genres. Whether you are looking to get active whilst having fun learning these genres, or you are looking to develop your dancing ability to a professional level, Sway will have the class for you! Below is just a taste of what you are likely to find at our Sway offerings - All classes can have age specific offerings & adult classes.

Sway Street Dance/Sway Tap/Zumba/Sway Ballet/ Sway Ballet tots/ Sway Cheerleading/ Line Dancing/ FitSteps/ Sway Pole Fitness/ Sway Pole Dancing/ Sway Burlesque/ Sway Musical Theatre/

All centres offering Sway organise Shows and competitions for you and your children to showcase your progress each year.

Our Sway Dance Experts

All of our Sway Dance instructors are highly experienced and live and breath the values of Sway. Each year they achieve CPD points by attending professional workshops designed to keep the program and their skill set sharp.

Upon employment they will undertake intense training in health and safety and the Sway program. Minimum expectations for a Sway staff member are that they are:

  • Experienced, with at least 2 years spent inspiring Dancers
  • Qualified in Dance or performing arts (Level 2, Level 3, Degree, NGB qualified)
  • DBS Checked
  • Experienced with dance Shows & Competitions
  • Confident in leading their own Dance Schools within Parkwood leisure centres.
  • From a background of a professional dance environment and will have often performed on world class productions

Get Sway in your life!

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