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Swimming lessons are back! We're delighted to have restarted our learn to swim programme at our centres in England and Wales.

Your swimming teachers and all of the staff at your local leisure centre are really looking forward to seeing our swimmers again. We’re working hard to make sure that swimming lessons are safe and enjoyable. Here's everything you need to know.

We've had to make a few changes to make sure that everyone is safe, this may include staggered start times. Where possible we've tried to keep as close to your original lesson time. To find out more information please select your centre and log into your home portal. Once logged onto the home portal, you will need to select your child's current class, a green dot highlights this. The class details will open up to show you the start time of your child's lessons.

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We’ve increased the frequency of our cleaning. We’re paying particular attention to the high contact areas that lots of people will use, like the changing rooms, cubicles and toilets.

We’ve got hand sanitisers available throughout the centre including the entrance and exit to the pool. If this is not available please wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.

We’ve either increased the space for swimming lessons in the pool or reduced the number of pupils to a teacher.

For the safety of our community we are asking you to socially distance when you visit. We have tried to make this as clear as possible with signage and staff to help.

We ask that all visitors to the centre wear face coverings whilst in a non exercise area as an extra precaution to protect both you and our staff.
Please be aware that we follow the W.H.O. guidelines, who do not recommend the use of face coverings during physical activity.

Swimming hats must be worn in the pool so that we can identify every child whilst they’re enjoying their lesson. Please don’t forget to bring it with you to every lesson.

Everytime our swimmers start a new stage they’ll get a new hat. Any additional or replacement hats thereafter are only £1.

If your child needs a floatation device and goggles then please feel free to bring one. If they don’t have a floatation device, we’ve got some available to borrow. They are sanitised after every lesson. If your child wears water wings or uses a floatation pack then we’ll need your help on the poolside to put them on and take them off for the lesson. Remember, these devices will need to meet british standard.

Make sure that your child arrives “pool ready”. This means coming with their costume or trunks underneath their comfy clothes or towel robe. Make sure you take all your child's personal belongings with you or if they’re available please use a locker. If your child is in our duckling classes, you will need to come “pool ready” too as you’ll need to be in the pool with your child. This will be a great opportunity to learn how to support and develop your child's skills in and outside of the class

We’ll have a one way system around the pool areas so make sure that you follow our directional signage. Each stage will be clearly signposted so your child will know where to stand before their lessons. Please make sure that they know to use the markers to stay socially distanced in their lesson.

If you have an older swimmer you will need to wait outside of the facilities, such as outside or in your car, but please don’t leave the facilities. For those with younger swimmers, you may need to wait in the designated area.

At the end of your lesson you’ll need to collect your child from the “pick up point”. So that we can make room for the next swimmers please make sure that you collect your child promptly ensuring that you collect all of your belongings.


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