Northbrook Swimming Pool
Beacon Lane, Exeter EX4 8LZ




  • Exeter Canoe Club
    Exeter Canoe club teaches skills and techniques needed for kayaking and canoeing, for a variety of ages and ability. 
  • Exeter Swim Club
    Exeter Swim Club trains kids to a very high standard of swimming; training the kids to excel in different styles of swimming getting them ready to compete at swimming galas.
  • Exeter Triathion Swim Club
    The Triathalon club teaches children how to swim correctly for triathons. Teaching them the correct techniques and giving them the skills they need.
  • Larches Naturist Club
    This club is about coming together and having a swim in a more natural way.
  • Synchronised Swimming Club
    This club is about teaching children the sport of synchronised swimming; where they have chance to train together and learn new aspects of swimming in synchronisation.
  • Teign Diving
    The Teign Dive Club teaches people how to scuba dive. Learning all about the different methods and all about the equipment they use.

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Northbrook Swimming Pool

Beacon Lane, Exeter EX4 8LZ
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