Rookie Lifeguard Graduation.

Rookie's Complete Their RLSS Rookie Lifeguarding

It was graduation time recently for the latest group of swimmers who completed their RLSS “Rookie Lifeguarding” course at Hutton Moor. Rookies build on their ASA swimming lessons by learning the lifesaving skills they need to rescue a casualty in the pool. As well using various types of lifeguarding equipment, they learn lifesaving tows, basic CPR and how to look after a casualty once they are out of the pool. Rookie lifeguards is more than just a swimming program; it’s a way of developing new life skills at a young age.

Further information about our “Aquazone” swimming lesson programs are available by contacting our swim class co-ordinator Ellen Davis on 01934 425903.

Back row: Alfie, Sam and Thomas

Front row: Lucy, Aislinn and Caitlin.


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