NEAT - How to increase your activity

When you are outside of the gym, follow this simple advice

How to increase your calorie burn when not in the gym?

Easy , increase your NEAT! This is non exercise activity thermogenesis, or more simply the calories we burn doing everything that isn’t exercise, and it is part of your total daily energy expenditure, and the higher your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) the more calories burnt, so what is NEAT?

Walking to the shops = NEAT

Taking the stairs instead of lift = NEAT

Playing with kids = NEAT

Doing the Garden = NEAT

Even standing up more often is NEAT, this is a really big tool for people who are looking to burn more calories on a daily basis, we don’t just burn them in the gym, we burn them all day long and the more we burn the better chance we have of losing weight.

So have a look at your smartphone, check your fitness band or pedometer and have a look at your daily step? Can you add in more? Aim for at least 10,000 and then try for more!!

Think about it?

Swimming, cleaning, shopping,Playing the park with the kids, taking the dogs for an extra walk, getting off the train/tram a stop early, taking the freshly ironed washing up stairs 3 of 4 items at a time, don’t sit down while the kettle is boiling, or now the weather is getting better throw in a good 10 min walk every day when possible!


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