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Children In Need

We completed a 12 hour row and raised £378.40


For Children In Need we raised a massive £378.40!!!


We had 52 members and staff members take part to help us row for 12 hours straight. In total we rowed 130,030 metres. Which is just over 81 miles!


James McDermott added 2 hours of Cross Trainer in the mix as his shoulder injury prevented him from using the rower. Well Done James!! Great team spirit!


Geraldine Miller won the women's best fancy dress, completing her row as superwoman. John Francis won men's best fancy dress, completing his row as a punk.


Linsi Scott won most distance rowed female, rowing an impressive 11,624m!

Michael Dowding won most distance rowed male, rowing an impressive 10,588m!


We want to say a huge thank you to Andrea Green who spent a lot of time arranging the day. She is extremely happy with the response and the amount of money raised. Also thank you to Lisa Hooper who was her partner in crime for the day.


Thank you to everyone who took part and helped us to raise such a huge amount of money in one day.


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