Core Classes

Photograph of a Core Fitness Class

Dechrau Arni

Mae ambell ffordd y gallwch chi ddechrau arni gyda Core Classes yn Canolfan Hamdden y Barri:

Ffoniwch ni ar  01446 403 000 – Gallwn roi atebion i chi ar gyfer unrhyw un o’ch cwestiynau a’ch cofrestru ar gwrs, neu anfonwch unrhyw ymholiad sydd gennych drwy lenwi’r ffurflen isod

Mae ein tîm ymroddgar yn hapus i helpu a gall roi unrhyw wybodaeth i chi y mae ei hangen arnoch.

Tua Core Classes

We want you to work your way to a well-toned body through a series of exercises that engage with your core; conditioning, strengthening, and tightening your deep muscles. When you engage with your core muscles, this in turn tightens surrounding muscles making a visible difference on the outside! These classes are suitable for all, no matter what experience or ability you may have, everyone can benefit from a core workout!

Your core is responsible for supporting your back, spine and shoulders, which means when they are engaged regularly you will see a notable difference in your posture. As well as toning all over your body (especially your abdominal muscles), your balance will improve greatly due to the increased strength in these areas as well as aiding the prevention of injuries!

Beth ddylwn i wisgo?

We will guide you through a range of exercises which is why we recommend you wear flexible and comfortable clothing to move in. We also recommend comfortable footwear, such as trainers, that provide adequate stability and flexibility. We also strongly advise you to bring plenty of water to keep hydrated during your session.

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