Stay Safe This November


By Kerry W in Community - 03/11/2017

Stay safe this Bonfire Night

If you are holding a bonfire night display here are 10 tips to ensure you and your guests stay safe;

  1. Store your fireworks safely and securely. Ensure they are away from any source of ignition and out of reach of any children or anyone likely to tamper with them.

  2. When positioning your fireworks ensure they are aiming away from where your spectators will be standing

  3. Have buckets of water and sand available on the night

  4. Ensure you have a tapers or portfires to light the fireworks (not matches or a lighter), and a torch to be able to read the instructors and see where you are walking.

  5. When lighting a firework try and avoid getting too close, it is recommended to light them from arms length and then stand well back

  6. If a firework hasn’t gone off - DO NOT go back to it

  7. Ensure children are supervised at all times and especially around a bonfire

  8. Do not leave a bonfire until you are confident it has completely burnt out, if unsure dose with water

  9. Gloves must be worn for anyone wishing to use a sparkler and used sparklers should be put in one of the buckets of water or sand

  10. And last but not least - don’t forget to notify your neighbours! Especially if they have pets.