5 Tips for staying active this winter.


By Elaina W in Gym - 04/10/2017

As the colder months fast approach, As we enter Autumn and Winter approaches, it can be hard to motivate ourselves to keep up the exercise routines we have spent time and effort on during those sunny summer months. With the chill of winter, it’s only too tempting to enter hibernation mode and hang up that work-out gear, but don’t give up just yet! You’ve worked too hard to see your summer efforts go to waste. Stay active over the coming months and beat those winter blues with regular exercise. Keeping up your exercise will help to make you feel more energetic, improve your mental well being and help to stave off those colds and flu by strengthening your immune system.


Here are our top 5 tips to help motivate you this winter.


1. Write down 3 reasons why you want to keep training, whether it’s to fit into your festive party outfit, indulge more at Christmas or to keep fit for your winter ski holiday, write them down and stick them to your fridge.

2. Treat winter as a long training session. Sign yourself up to a spring event to keep a target in your mind.

3. Bring a buddy - Knowing you have to meet someone means your workout will be much more fun, and you’re less likely to let your friend down. You can always treat yourself to  a warm beverage after at one of our Cafe Vita*

4. Try a new fitness class, don’t get bored of being stuck indoors, try new classes, you never know you may surprise yourself! We have lots of different classes available! 

5. Post on social media. Why not check-in at one of our centres, tell your friends and followers you're going to the gym and get their support! Making yourself accountable to your followers will help keep you on track!