Change is coming to Free Swimming in The Vale of Glamorgan

Aquatically Active Scheme Launch

Change is coming to Free Swimming in The Vale of Glamorgan

Following an independent nationwide review of the Free Swimming Initiative (FSI) commissioned by the Welsh Government it was decided that the current scheme needed to change. 

The findings of the review directed Sport Wales and Swim Wales to develop an offer that meets the needs of the new objectives set out by Welsh Government. 

The new guidelines have placed an increased emphasis on free swimming for under 16’s and over 60’s from areas of deprivation, combined with a significant 50% reduction in the schemes funding.

In order to meet these new criteria, changes to the free swimming provision in Vale of Glamorgan leisure centres, operated by Legacy Leisure, will take effect from 28th October 2019.

Legacy Leisure and The Vale of Glamorgan Council have worked in partnership to launch a new Aquatically Active programme that ensures the continuation of free swimming sessions for both under 16s and the over 60s. The programme endeavours to better align with the Vision for Sport in Wales and the Welsh Government’s wellbeing objectives by increasing the provision for target groups who would most benefit from the scheme. The programme will also support children who do not complete the National Curriculum School Swimmers Level during their School Learn to Swim programme by offering one month of free swimming within the Leisure Centres Learn to Swim Scheme.

“As the manager of Aquatics for Legacy Leisure in The Vale of Glamorgan, my main aim is for swimming to be accessible to everyone. We live so close to the coast and so we want to ensure all our customers are safer, smarter and stronger swimmers. As a community we all understand the importance of learning to swim from babies to adults. Swimming is a life skill to be enjoyed for a lifetime” Zoe Phillips, Legacy Leisure.


Anyone who would like to access the free sessions as part of the Aquatically Active Programme will need to register prior to participating by visiting their local leisure centre. This applies even if customers have previously accessed the Free Swimming sessions. 

Details of the new Aquatically Active Programme are available online at in your local Leisure Centres Swim Timetable. For further information please contact your local Vale of Glamorgan Leisure Centre today on 01446 403 000.


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