Photograph of a Yoga Class

About Yoga

Yoga is a spiritual, mental, and physical activity in which you will perform a range of stretches and positions to enhance your physical and mental state. No matter what your age, ability or experience yoga is an inclusive activity suitable for everyone. Our invigorating Yoga classes will ensure you are fully relaxed by uniting body and mind together in total harmony.

The Benefits of Yoga

With physical, spiritual, and mental benefits to yoga - it truly is a holistic activity. Our qualified instructors provide a programme that will give you a beneficial workout that increases muscle strength, flexibility, balance, and core stability. Yoga is an excellent activity to improve posture and enhance your breathing technique. It has been proven to have positive effects on our mental well-being; decreasing stress and anxiety whilst promoting attention and concentration.

What Should I Wear?

Yoga is all about stretching, which is why we recommend you wear flexible and comfortable clothing to move in. We also recommend comfortable footwear that provides adequate stability and flexibility. We strongly advise you to bring plenty of water to keep hydrated during your session.

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