Swim For Fitness

Photograph of fitness swimmers

About Swim For Fitness

Fitness swimming at our centre is ideal for those wishing to boost their fitness levels in the water. With lanes available for your convenience, you are able to perfect your stroke and technique with other like-minded swimmers. Fitness swimming is available for individuals of all abilities with the intention of improving your overall health and wellbeing.

The Benefits of Swim For Fitness

Fitness swimming is an exceptional activity to increase cardio endurance and stamina. The water supports your body whilst providing resistance at the same time, giving you a great workout. By using our lanes for fitness swimming you will be increasing your aerobic ability and maintaining an active lifestyle which in itself has numerous health benefits for the entire body.

What Should I Wear?

All you will need is a swimming costume and a towel! We recommend you bring plenty of water with you to keep hydrated during your session.

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