Sway Dance

Photography of Sway Dancers!

About Sway Dance

If you would like to keep in shape whilst exercising in a social and fun environment then join in with one of our many Sway Dance classes. You can learn new skills, dance moves and techniques with our competent instructors who will be on hand to guide you and ensure that you gain the full benefits from each session. To discover exactly which dance types are available at your nearest dance studio then please contact us via phone or e-mail, a member of the Sway Dance team will be happy to answer your query!

The Benefits of Sway Dance

Dancing is a great way to stay in shape, receive a fantastic workout and look after your overall wellbeing. All of our classes are set in fun and sociable environments where you can make new friends and interact with a hub of like minded exercisers. Our exhilarating and fun dance classes will also keep you active and lead you to a healthier life style. So ask yourself the question- why wouldn’t you partake in a Sway Dance class?

What Should I Wear?

Clothing is dependent on the activity, however we highly advise you bring plenty of water to keep hydrated during your session!

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Photography of Sway Dancers!