Squash and Racketball

Photograph of Squash

About Squash and Racketball

Squash and racketball are great indoor racket activities in which you can make new friends and keep fit! Whether you are looking to blow off some steam after work with a social game, or play competitively in a league or ladder, our squash courts have something for you. If you are a beginner please come and give it a go, our team at the centre will be happy to pass any coaching details over to you. We look forward to seeing you on court soon!

The Benefits of Squash and Racketball

The beauty of squash and racketball is that you can receive an individual workout whilst competing against others! These activities will also ensure that your speed, agility and stamina all improve. Needless to say, squash and racketball will provide a plethora of benefits both mental and physical for every player, so why not give it a go?

What Should I Wear?

Please wear non-marking court trainers. We also recommend that you bring light, breathable sportswear and plenty of water to ensure you keep hydrated.

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