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About Course Progress Tracker

Now available to anyone who has swimming lesson with us at:

What is the Course Progress Tracker?

The Course Progress Tracker is a simple system that we use to help us manage our swimming lesson programme online.


What does this mean for you?

Access course history

You will be able to view previous course sessions attended and duration

Access to teacher feedback

Swimming teachers will be able to record feedback on a child’s swim progress via the Tracker which you will then be able to view

Better communication

You will have weekly updates of your child's progress and achievements through the Tracker

Information update emails  

You will receive update emails when your child is ready to move up to the next stage, has achieved a new badge, there is a class cancellation, re-enrollment dates, and any other important information

Monitor payment plans

You will soon be able to monitor your swimming course payments and pay any outstanding payments

Quick and easy movements

You can manage your child’s movements within the swimming lesson programme and ensure they are booked into the next class in their development programme without delay

Reduced waiting lists

You will be able to select the class that suits your schedule*

*Subject to availability


What difference will this make to how swimming lessons are run?

The swimming teachers will now use an electronic tablet to take registers. They will also be able to record each child’s progression on the tablet which links directly to the Course Progress Tracker. This therefore means you will be able to monitor your child’s progression.


How do I sign up to the Course Progress Tracker?

  • You will need a personalised ID number and the website link to your leisure centre’s Tracker

When you enrol your child onto one of our swimming lesson courses, so long as you have provided us with an email address, you will be emailed a personalised ID number and a link to our Course Progress Tracker site. Please note the address the email will come from is ‘Course Progress Tracker’.

If you have not received an email please let Reception know and we will resend it to you.  

Once you have your child's personalised ID number you can go directly to the tracker and register.

If you click on the centre above where your swimming lessons take place this will send you directly to your Course Progress Tracker site. 

  • This will then take you to the Tracker login screen
  • Click Register Now and input your child’s personalised ID number
  • Click continue and fill out the security questions (child's birthday, postcode and email)
  • Add any additional siblings you would like to link to this account
  • Create a password
  • Then sign in with your email address and password and you have finished your registration!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change personal details or bank account details through the Course Progress Tracker?

No these will still need to be processed through the centre.


Can I enter comments for the swim teacher to see?

Unfortunately this is not a function on the Tracker. But if you do have any questions regarding your child’s progression you can speak to the teacher directly.


Can I move my child’s lesson to another time or day?

Yes, you can move your child to the next stage when signed off by the swim teacher or move within the same stage to any available class.


Can I pay for certificates through the Course Progress Tracker?  

No these will still need to be paid for at Reception.


Do I have to have an electronic tablet to use the Course Progress Tracker?

No, you can access your account from any internet enabled device.


I don’t pay for my child’s swimming lessons by direct debit can I still access the Course Progress Tracker?

Yes, you can access the Tracker regardless of your payment method.

*Please note that the Course Progress Tracker is only available to DD members at our Bexley centres (Crook Log, Erith and Sidcup) 


What if I do not have an email address?

Unfortunately you need a valid email address to access the Course Progress Tracker.


What if I do not register for the Course Progress Tracker will it affect my child's swimming lessons or progression?

No, you just won't get access to see their progression through each stage, but you will still be informed when they pass an entire stage and are ready to move.


The Benefits of Course Progress Tracker

  • Access course history
  • Arrange your child's classes with easy class movements - lowering waiting lists
  • Better communication and receive update emails 
  • Monitor your child's progress
  • See teacher feedback


What Should I Wear?

Please wear appropriate swimwear for your swimming lessons

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