Climbing Wall

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About Climbing Wall

Your fingers are tingling, your muscles are burning, and you are holding on to a wall by the tips of your toes. You have a huge smile on your face though, because you made it! Climbing walls are artificially constructed walls with varying grips for your hands and feet to use to reach your peak! Climbing walls use muscles in unconventional ways for a great workout which is suitable for all ages. We want you to use our climbing wall to challenge yourself in new ways and get a great overall body workout.

The Benefits of Climbing Wall

Climbing is a rewarding activity, not only in physical outcomes but mental benefits too. You will feel great for pushing your limits just a little further each time, leaving you motivated and exhilarated. You will improve on your cardiovascular health as you are increasing endurance and stamina during your time on the wall. Not only can wall climbing help you towards achieving your weight loss goals, it can provide a great overall toning activity for every area of the body. As you are constantly engaging with your core, your posture, muscle mass and definition will also improve.

What Should I Wear?

We recommend that you wear light breathable clothing or sportswear in order to keep cool and ensure maximum flexibility. We also advise that you wear suitable footwear, such as trainers, for comfort and support. We highly recommend that you bring plenty of water to keep you hydrated during your session.

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Photograph of Climbing Wall