Cardio Classes

Photograph of a Cardio Class

About Cardio Classes

Cardio training is high energy, fun, and focuses on increasing your aerobic ability. Shown to you by our motivational instructors, you will perform a range of cardio-based activities to a great soundtrack. It doesn’t matter how old or fit you are, cardio training is an inclusive activity suitable for everyone. Our upbeat sessions will ensure you getting a top workout to boost your fitness.

The Benefits of Cardio Classes

Cardio is ideal for a great fat burning workout. For a real energy boost, cardio training is great for increasing your stamina, toning up all areas of your body, as well as being a huge stress buster! Our motivational instructors provide a programme that will give you a beneficial workout that can make a huge difference to your overall fitness.

What Should I Wear?

Cardio based activities will certainly get you moving and sweating! This is why we recommend you wear flexible and comfortable clothing to move in, as well as comfortable footwear, such as trainers, that provide adequate stability and flexibility. We also strongly advise you to bring plenty of water to keep hydrated during your session.

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