Aqua Babies

Photograph of Aqua Babies class

About Aqua Babies

Our Aqua Babies classes are a great way to introduce your little ones to a swimming pool environment. Through gentle activities this class is ideal for familiarizing them with the water and new surroundings. By using songs, toys, and games we provide constructive activities to promote water safety in a fun environment.

The Benefits of Aqua Babies

We understand that a safe and happy environment is essential for the wellbeing of babies, which is why our classes are led by fully qualified instructors offering constructive activities to get the best out of the session. Whilst providing gentle exercise and fun for the little ones, parents have the opportunity to socialise with other parents in a welcoming setting. Our classes will ensure that young children are comfortable within the water, ensuring a positive attitude for their future development in aquatic activities.

What Should I Wear?

You and your child will need a swimming costume and a towel for your session.

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