5-a-side football

Photograph of 5-a-side football

About 5-a-side football

It’s the beautiful game! Play 5-a-side football at one of our centres for a fast-paced and entertaining match! 5-a-side football differs slightly in facilities, length, and numbers- but that just makes it all the more exciting. It’s a great opportunity to get social with your mates or competitive with another team. 5-a-side is the ultimate sport as it’s inclusive for any age and any ability!

The Benefits of 5-a-side football

The beauty of 5-a-side football is that you can get a great workout without even realising! 5-a-side is so much fun you will be increasing your stamina, strength and agility each time you play. Needless to say, there are great benefits to 5-a-side football with working as a team just one of them! 5-a-side football is great for fun, stress-relief, and exercise as well as being a top activity to do with your mates!

What Should I Wear?

It is highly recommended that you wear suitable footwear such as Astroturf boots or trainers. There are no studs or blades permitted on either indoor or outdoor 5-a-side football grounds. We also advise you bring shin pads, goalkeeper gloves, coloured bibs, and a football! You should also bring along plenty of water to keep hydrated during your session.

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