Alice Holt Cycle Centre

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Bronze Service plan

Bronze Service Plan

This comprehensive 20 point check will look at the following items listed below to ensure your bike is in a safe and performance ready condition.

  • Frame condition / alignment checked
  • Handlebar and stem position checked for alignment and securing bolts are tight
  • Headset checked for free play or roughness
  • Hubs checked for no side play, no roughness in bearings
  • Wheels checked for straightness
  • Tyre condition and pressure checked
  • Brake and gear levers checked for correct operation and clamping systems tight
  • Brake callipers checked for correct operation, brake pads checked for alignment and that they are secure
  • Brake adjustment checked, cable clamp bolts checked
  • Bottom bracket bearings checked for smoothness and no play
  • Chain rings are checked for alignment and chain ring bolts checked
  • Chain guard checked ( if fitted)
  • Pedal bearings checked  , check pedals are tight
  • Rear derailleur checked for correct operation and checked that it’s securely fitted.
  • Rear derailleur position and cable clamp bolts checked
  • Front derailleur position, operation and fixing bolts checked
  • Saddle position, condition and clamping system checked.
  • Pivot bolts checked ( if required), bearings checked for play.
  • Check bars / stem for rotation under stress
  • Final gear / brake operation check and test ride

 (cost of parts not included)


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Alice Holt is such a lovely forest. It was so nice to be able to explore on the bikes from the cycle centre.


I love cycling!!


What a fantastic way to spend the day with the family. We will be back!


Great staff, friendly helpful advice! My bike rides perfectly now!


The kids loved the Easter egg trail. We will be back over the holidays to really explore the rest of the forest