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Goal Setting

By Emma Price in Gym - 06/01/2014

We can all sometimes feel like another year has passed, and we are no closer to achieving our health and fitness goals than we were twelve months ago. We made our resolutions, emptied our cupboards from junk food and packed the gym bag... so why aren’t we size 8 triathletes or a personal trainers in the making?

We’ve all done it. We set ourselves unrealistic goals and lost interest as soon as these goals aren’t realised.

There’s hardly any point in half-heartedly meandering around every piece of equipment at the gym if you have no specific aspirations you want to achieve. Deciding on a meaningful and specific goal is key to success.

Meaningful Goals

We can all pluck random goals from thin air, but when it comes down to it some of them have as much impact as a sack of feathers. Your goals need to have weight and meaning behind them or you have lost the battle for motivation before you’ve started. Think to yourself, why do you really want what you are setting out to achieve?

Be Specific

Once you’ve decided on a meaningful long term goal, you can then get down to the specifics. Set dates, times and amounts; think of your progress as a ladder. Write them down! Set small achievable mini-goals (like the rungs on a ladder) with each rung taking you closer and closer to the final destination. Make sure they are achievable! In the same way you can’t jump six rungs on a ladder you’re not going to be able to lose a stone in a week.


Not only will these mini achievements keep you motivated, they give your plan focus and direction increasing your likelihood of success. Your long-term goal won’t fade into a haze of uncertainty like it always does. Write your mini-goals down and track your progress so that when you turn around and pause for a moment, you can clearly see the progress you’ve made and how much you’ve already achieved.

Top Tips:

  • Stay realistic
  • Write down your goals – maybe keep them on the fridge with a magnet
  • Invite friends and family to set goals with you and support you to achieve your own
  • Why not download an app for your smart phone to consistently track your progress? There are so many of these from generic health and fitness apps like ‘My Fitness Pal’ to specific sports related apps like ‘Map My Run’.
  • Remember to reward yourself each time you achieve one of your goals.

Good Luck