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Post-Christmas Weight Loss

By Emma Price in Food & Nutrition - 27/12/2013

Sometimes it’s not just the turkeys that are plump at this time of year. If you’re feeling sluggish and are only too aware of your over-indulgence this festive season, all is not lost. We’re not just interested in getting you trim after Christmas, but keeping you happy and healthy all year round. Below is the perfect recipe to post-Christmas weight loss; getting you on the right track for 2014.


Commitment to your health is essential. When you make the decision to change your diet and lifestyle to lose weight or improve your appearance, you must remember the health benefits too. Swapping the crisps and pastries for lean meat and vegetables will not only have you glowing on the outside, but positively beaming on the inside too. Rather than committing to a ‘diet’ that may only last a few months, this year commit to a lifestyle change that will benefit you well into the future.

Being Realistic

Don’t get disheartened when your diet gets off to an absolutely cracking start, only to slow down after a few weeks. Yes, I know you still want to lose another stone but crash dieting is not the way. If you find yourself placing too much emphasis on a quick fix, before you know it you’ll be hopping back aboard the pies’n’pastries train, and that is not a journey you want to take.


Needless to say, exercise will help you enormously in your bid to lose the pounds that may have creeped up on you over Christmas. But the overall health benefits from regular exercise are so fantastic you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner. You are also far more likely to succeed if you have specific and achievable goals in mind. Book an appointment with a gym instructor in your local gym to create a fully personalised exercise plan.

Investment in Exercise

When you join a gym you sign up, pay for a few months, and if you fall in with the majority, you will stop going after four months. You’ve shown some degree of commitment, but once your initial motivation has dwindled, there’s nothing there to keep you going. Why not properly invest? What we mean by that is sign up for the entire year. Make a commitment to yourself and your body that you will stay healthy ALL YEAR ROUND, no matter what. We’re sure once your hard earned cash is on the line it will spur you on even more.

Eat Clean

What we put into our bodies, very much dictates what we get out of them. If you are shovelling fatty, high carb, slowly digested foods into your mouth, you’re more than likely to feel fat, heavy and bloated. On the other hand, if you are eating ‘clean foods’, like lean meat, healthy vegetables and light snacks, your likely to feel lean, healthy and light! Not to mention more alert and less lethargic.

Avoid Temptation

Don’t be tempted by all of those treats lying around after Christmas. Likewise, don’t fall for the offers on unhealthy snacks in supermarkets. Remember, there are plenty of oranges around this time of year too, and they are much kinder to your waistline!