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Why December is the best time to get fit and active!

By Elaina in Gym - 08/12/2017

Why December is the best time to get fit


  • The gyms are empty

As fewer people go the the gym over the Christmas period now is the perfect time to start a new regime. Whether it’s trying out a new machine, class or just improving your technique - the gym will be emptier and there will be more spaces in classes.

  • The best time to start a new years resolution

Tired of not quite hitting your New Year’s Resolutions? Start your fitness goal in December and change your routine before January. It takes 21 days to form a habit - so get started now and you’ll be less likely to chuck in the towel in February. By the time everyone else it getting started on their goals you’ll already be smashing yours!

  • Got more time?

Many people take more time off over Christmas, if you’ve still got some holiday left to use up before the end of the year, why not use the time to get some exercise in! It’s far easier to get started on the new fitness goal if you have time to focus on it. Once January comes around you’ll be a pro! Not only this but exercise can help you to relax as it fills you with endorphins - what better way to start the Christmas break than feeling good about yourself and being relaxed!

  •  Stop the Christmas Bloat.

Don’t pile on the pounds over Christmas - Christmas is a time for indulging - but why not get ahead of yourself? Fitting in a little exercise before the big day could stop you piling on the pounds over the break!

  •  Get a good deal!

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