Healthy Food Choices: Protein Pancakes

By Elaina W in Food & Nutrition - 27/01/2017

The weekend is the perfect time to be a little bit naughty and try out this great breakfast recipe which is good for you too!

Making great pancakes can be quite hard – finding the perfect recipe is like finding the perfect work-out, it’s different for every person. So we have taken out some of the leg-work and tried and tested some recipes – this one is our favourite! 



  • 1 Scoop of any flavour/brand of protein powder
  • 1 tsp Baking Powder
  • 1 egg
  • 50ml low fat milk or alternative milk (Such as Almond Milk).

*Tip* Try adding Bananas and Oats to cook up a flavoursome alternative! Just add 40g of oats and 1 mashed Banana


Blend up your protein powder and egg and baking powder to make your batter (Add in your banana and oats if using these ingredients).

Slowly add your milk until the batter is your desired consistency (We used it all to get crepe style pancakes).

Heat a non-stick pan (with low calorie cooking spray, coconut oil or butter) and then cook your pancakes until they appear golden and brown then flip and do the other side.

Once they are cooked on both sides get ready to tuck in, you can top them with a whole host of toppings, we prefer mixed berries and Greek yoghurt!


Bon Appétit